Thursday, February 26, 2015

End of Unit Assessment: On Monday!

You will be complete the end of unit assessment on Monday. Be prepared!

You should start by fixing any mistakes you made on the mid-unit assessment. 

Furthermore, for help with equations: Visit Khan Academy!

For help with inequalities, visit these sites: 

Khan Academy

IXL - See the W section!

The Math Page 

Purple Math


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Home Test 7

Home Test 7 is online and is due Tuesday, March 10th (that is two weeks from now). No excuses will be accepted!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Common Core Skills: Test Prep

If you would like to be completely prepared for the state test, you should follow this link and complete all of the skill links included. 

As an incentive, you will earn 10 extra credit points for each section you complete AND your team will receive up to 100 bonus points (depending on how much you complete). 

This is in addition to the other extra credit incentives

Of course, ideally, you will complete as much of the IXL checklist as possible! 

Test Preparation – What are you doing?

Mathematics State Test Preparation – What are you doing?

Complete ALL homework – consider all homework questions a sneak preview to potential test questions.

Visit Khan Academy and master all of the seventh grade topics.

Complete the IXL master skill checklist. Go ABOVE AND BEYOND the minimum homework requirement.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Homework 23 - Midwinter Break + HW 24

HW 23 is here!

Also, home test 6 is due Monday, 23rd February. 

HW 24 is to master 12 IXL skills by Friday, 27th February - don't forget to choose skills from the checklist.

Home Project 5

For this home project, you must demonstrate how to set up two-step inequalities and solve inequality word problems.

For inspiration on the kinds of word problems you should focus on, read these:

Someone's monthly earnings consist of a fixed salary of $1500 and a 25% commission on all of their monthly sales. To cover planned expenses, they need to earn an income of at least $7500 this month. Write an inequality that will give the amount of sales someone will need to cover their planned expenses.

Your friend is saving for a new TV. They need at least, $700. They have saved $65 and earn $15 for every car that they clean. How long will it take for them to save for the television? 

Shaggy earned $7.55 per hour plus an additional $100 in tips waiting tables on Saturday. He earned at least $160 in all. Write an inequality and find the minimum number of hours, to the nearest hour, Shaggy worked on Saturday.

Due: Wednesday, 18th March.

For help with inequalities, visit these sites: 

Khan Academy

IXL - See the W section!

The Math Page 

Purple Math


Monday, February 9, 2015

Team Points!

Team points are here!

Note: each group can earn 25 points per week (that is 5 per day - dependent on participation) plus any bonus points you earn!