Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Home Project 2

Using real world examples, demonstrate your understanding of mark ups/downs (sales discount, tax, and tips). Show how changing the percent rate of discount, tax, and tip will affect the total cost. 

Also, you must include at least one example of how to find the original price given the final price (after discount and or tax).

Deadline: Monday, December 1st. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Khan Academy Masters!

The following students are the all-time leaders for this school year and will receive bonus points!

Most Skills Mastered: Mahmoud E., Kelly Y., and Enson S. 

Most Energy Points: Victor K., Mahmoud E., and Esther L.  

The following students receive bonus points, according to each class, for their performance on Khan Academy over the past week! 

Most Skills Mastered: Asra S. and Rachel E. 
Most Energy Points: Sydney M.

Most Skills Mastered: Zakaryah P.
Most Energy Points: Mahmoud E.

Most Skills Mastered: Kelly Y.
Most Energy Points: Kelly Y.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Extra Credit

If you would like to use extra credit, you must send me an email after Friday 31st October and before Friday 7th November

In the email, you must include the following information: 
  • How many points you would like to use;
  • Where you would like to use them; you may use them only on my tests and homework, but you cannot place more points than the maximum score (for example, if you have 95% on a test, you can only add 5 extra points);
  • Where you earned the extra credit points (Khan Academy or IXL). 
Any points you do not use can be saved for subsequent marking periods. 

Also, if you have any additional points, they can be added to your team's points at the end of the year.